Rebecca’s Poetry, Spoken Word Open Mic.

Rebecca’s Poetry, Spoken Word Open Mic., every third Tuesday at 6:30PM.

Rebeccas-CoffeeWith its dim yellow lighting against fading yellow wall paint, Rebecca’s provides a classically comfortable setting perfect for recitation or live music. Complete with mismatched armchairs and covered couches, thick wood tables and burlap coffee sacks hung from the ceilings and unframed canvas paintings waiting patiently and hopefully to be purchased, Rebecca’s looks the quintessential coffee house. Against one wall is a bookshelf containing classics and modern romance alike, board games and decks of cards; an old piano waits to be played in the opposite corner of the room. The bar is cluttered with pastries behind glass and cluttered hand-written menus, listing coffees and sandwiches and ‘specialty drinks’. Piled near the door wait a variety of free and local newspapers, magazines, business cards and advertisements in support of local businesses and individuals.       

Locals gather to sip rich coffee and speak to each other in hushed tones, leaning over their newspapers and books, waiting and anticipating.rebeccas_home

Centered against what one imagines to be the front of the establishment is a lifted stage that provides performers with a slight rise that offsets one from the audience; microphones and stage-lights illuminate speakers, focusing our attention to them and the muraled street painted directly on the wall.

Though soft music and blenders consistently sound, nothing seems to distract from the readings. A strong sound system paired with the projecting, unwavering voices of poets ensures that the Verse shall be heard.

Poets from seemingly all varieties of youth and background gather here for a chance at expressing their art and relieving their soul. Carefully managed musings, thought and written, transpose and hang in the air, drifting through the open hanging windows glowing with neon, to the streets of San Diego, entreating passers-by to wait and to listen.


Located at the 3015 Juniper St., in San Diego’s hip South Park district, Rebecca’s provides patrons with an escape from the expected.rebeccas map

CASH ONLY. FREE WIFI. (password = sandwich)

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