Lore Olympus and Color

Lore Olympus was such amazing comic! My dear friend Ciara recommended this to me, and once I got around to reading it I couldn’t put it down! I bought the last 2 episodes because I had to know what happened. 


I also took screenshots of all my favorite scenes so I could remember them all. LOL

My favorite characters were Hera (I was surprised by how much I liked Hera!), Hermes, and Hecate as a lawyer! I had NO IDEA Hecate would be in it so much, she is one of the more elusive Greek gods that I would like to know more about. It was very cool to see her have a larger role in the story.


I read this on the Webtoon app, and the comments section are comedy gold. “Asspollo.” “Not Minthe to be.” 


I like the bright, bold colors and the art style. The color association is actually a really interesting concept, I think they did a great job of matching colors to describe personalities! Like, pink was perfect for Persephone, you just get the sense that she is sweet and girly and bubbly. Blue for Hades is cool: it echoes Disney’s Hercules, but also makes him more of a sad character than evil, to me. And I really love that Hestia is orange for warm and Demeter is green for earthy. Zeus and Hera are complimentary (and/or contrasting) colors, suggesting their fundamental differences, while Poseidon and Amphitrite are both green, suggesting similar personalities. These are very clever subtle details that makes a huge symbolic statement.

IMG_3027And the star-speckled night sky scenes are so aesthetically pleasing. 

IMG_3025I gasped when she cut her hair the first time, but then it made a lot of sense after chapter 24. I think its really empowering for her to use the dramatic chop as a way to regain control of her body. IMG_3024

I also like the interpretation of their love story…the whole opposites attract trope is one of my favorites. Persephone’s bubbly optimism is the perfect contrast to Hades I-hate-everyone attitude. LOL I loved it. And I like the idea that Persephone actually likes Hades and wasn’t just forced into the relationship. This was a fantastic modernized retelling and I am so glad I plunged into the world of Lore Olympus!

I finished this back in May and never posted my review, but Lore Olympus will be returning on August 2nd (in two weeks, eeeee!) so I wanted to get this up. I really am so excited for it to return, I can’t wait to know know what happens next!

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