Earth Magick by Lindsay Squire

I love books about the occult and witchcraft, so I was excited to add Earth Magick to my collection of magical books. The cover is stunning and I love the art style-–it just makes me want to read it and display it. And it is as beautiful inside as it is out: the book is filled with gorgeous illustrations, diagrams, and charts that inspire and inform your practice. 

This book covers ritual basics, the elements, the seasons, healing crystals, divination techniques, shadow work, energy balancing and more. Each section is packed full of easy to understand text and is paired with beautiful visualizations, breaking down the information and making it all super easy to understand and put into practice. 

I appreciate the focus that is placed on purpose and staying present in the current moment. This book really encourages you to explore your practice and embrace your magical strengths. There are meditations and mantras that I can use for my craft. There are recipes for teas, baths, and protection spells. Also, meanings of tarot cards and healing crystals are spelled out, which are great for quick reference. Overall, this book offers a good introduction into witchcraft and helps teach you practices that will help to reconnect to mind, body, and spirit.

What I loved about this is that it touches on so many different elements of the craft, rather than focusing on any one practice or religion. This means that the book can be adapted to any belief or practice or belief system, and can really be fitted for your own individual path. 

My favorite chapters were The Four Seasons, Mother Earth’s Magick, and Divination. The chapter on the Four Seasons explains the Wheel of the Year and provides some great ideas for ways you can celebrate the sabbats throughout the year. Mother Earth’s Magick was another great chapter that breaks down magical ingredients (such as flowers, herbs, spices, and salts) and their metaphysical meanings. And, of course, the divination chapter is essential for any book of magic, as it presents us with techniques and tools for doing our divining work.

Earth Magick is the ultimate book for witches of any level, and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about witchcraft. It is a perfect read for novice and advanced practitioners of the craft; I think everyone could learn something from this book, because it is extremely informative and easy to understand. It is a practical and comprehensive guide that helps to keep you inspired and connected to your spirituality. 

It would make a great gift paired with a deck of tarot cards, a cute teacup and some tea, or a pouch of healing crystals! Click here to order Earth Magick.

You can also follow author Lindsay Squire’s popular instagram account @thewitchoftheforest and illustrator Viki Lester’s @forensicsandflowers for daily content from these two queens!

Thank you to Quarto Publishing for sending me a free Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of this title. All opinions are my own.

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