August Wrap-Up + One-Word Reviews

🌾A Lady For A Duke—Extraordinary
🏝Happily Ever Island—cute
đŸ§™â€â™€ïžEveryone Knows Your Mother Is A Witch—historical
🔍Agatha Christie The Body in the Library—logical
📖Girl In Translation Jean Kwok—persevering
💐The Neapolitan Sisters—tripartite
🐝The Bees Laline Paull—scientific
đŸȘŽCosmic Botany—genius
✹Magic of Birthdays—educational
🔼The Modern Art of Brujería—insightful
🌿The language of Herbs—glossary
đŸŒčFlower fables Louisa May Alcott—Enchanted
📎office BFFs—funny

QOTD: How many books did you get through in August? Any favorites? My top 2 were A Last For A Duke and Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott!

Progress: 55/100

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