Official Announcement: The Wanderer Literary Journal name change

The Wanderer Literary Journal was originally created as a group project for a literature course. When this blog first launched in 2015, our mission was to bond over books and create a space for us to share our thoughts and reviews. We named our journal The Wanderer in recognition of our wandering literary adventures.

To wander is to ramble on, to roam, to stray, without a purpose or objective. All of us wander through life and, as readers, through stories, in the hopes of finding our own path. As travelers, each of us desire that journey – to find our own story.

from the original Wanderer mission statement

There are some changes that I will be making to the blog, and one of them is a new name. Yes folks, The Wanderer Literary Journal is going into retirement. I’ve gone far beyond the traditional concept for the blog, and as a result, the name “The Wanderer Literary Journal” doesn’t reflect how I think of myself as an independent reviewer. The original Wanderers have all since moved on from our blog, but I will always treasure my first book club — Nia, Hayley and Iyari, thank you for wandering with me.

My overall mission will remain exactly the same–I am a book reviewer and I intend to continue running my blog and social media accounts with honesty and transparency. I will still be writing, reviewing, editing, and discussing books. Thank you to the followers and friends I have made along the way, and thank you for your support!

Here’s to new chapters. 📖 

An Interview with Margaret Larlham


Margaret Larlham is a director and playwright at San Diego State University. Her scripts are adapted from children’s literature have a strong focus on physicality and cultural diversity.

Larlham was born and educated in South Africa, and taught in the Speech and Drama Department at the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa prior to moving to San Diego in 1986. Continue reading “An Interview with Margaret Larlham”