Gwen and Art Are Not in Love by Lex Croucher

This is my favorite Lex Croucher book yet!

Gwen and Art Are Not In Love is a reimagining of Arthur and Guinevere —with a LGBTQ twist. This was described as Heartstopper meets A Knights Tale… so obviously I had to request the ARC!

Set in mythical Camelot, lord-to-be Arthur Delacey (descendant of the famous King Arthur) is betrothed to Princess Gwendoline. But they hate each other. Forced to spend the summer together before their impending nuptials, the pair

I loved the relationship dynamics in this book, and of course, was a huge fan of the historical fiction element. The medieval setting felt new to me because I haven’t read many stories like it, and I really enjoyed this as a retelling.

I loved Gwen’s growth throughout the story, her character arc was strong. She goes from

I LOVED Lady Leclaire, she was the perfect SFL and I love that she played a part in empowering Gwen. I also loved the period representation, exploring PCOS and how women’s period pains are often dismissed.

There is a let-loose birthday scene, sword-play, and tame YA romance

I also enjoyed the dual romances, and think this is one of my favorite love-square stories I’ve found! It was a very cute, sweet YA that I would highly recommend!

Must read if you like:
-historical fantasy
-forced proximity
-characters who show growth

I was also super happy to find one of my favorite quotes by Mary Oliver featured (and reworked): “So what do you want to do with your one slightly dull but nonetheless precious life”.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing this ARC, I loved it!


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