Cosmic Botany by Tanya Lichtenstein

Cosmic Botany by Tanya Lichtenstein is a wonderful guide that pairs plants and crystals together to maximize their spiritual potential and bring inner peace to your home.

“A house is not a home without plants … or crystals.”

The therapeutic effects of plants and gardening have been widely documented – benefits include boosting our mood, sharpening our focus, and lowering our stress levels. Cultivating indoor plants can boost positive vibes and increase the flow of energy into space. They purify air, amplify the sense of well-being and rid you of stress, in the same way that healing crystals do.

Combining crystals with plants should be an obvious pairing, but I literally needed this book to tell me to do it. I love plants and crystals and have a wealth of both in my home so it was super easy to find some good combos. I was able to pair Amazonite with my String-of-Pearls, Pyrite with my Pothos, and Quartz with my Monstera, just for starters! There are some obscure crystals I will have to hunt down for some specific pairings I want to try (looking at you, Your Order Has Been Shipped)! The pairings are given the cutest names, hinting at the spiritual benefits reaped from each crystal+plant combo.

Homebody: Echeveria succulents + rainbow fluorite

For example, my Amazonite String-of-Pearls combo is dubbed ‘Worry Detox’: the carefree waterfall of pearls cleanses and aligns with the detoxifying nature of amazonite to help you wash your worries away. This

Pothos and Pyrite create ‘Abundance Hero’: the humble and dependable pothos meets with the charged bounty of pyrite’s energy to create an energetic and abundant vibrational center.

There are so many great pairings I want to try, and I am so happy for this introduction to Cosmic Botany! Thank you to Tarcher Perigree for sending me an Advance Reading Copy of this title. All opinions are my own.

Cosmic Botany by Tanya Lichtenstein

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